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Permanent Eyeliner is a fast-growing trend and a must have for anyone who wants smudge proof make up that lasts. Permanent eyeliner creates the illusion of thicker fuller lashes and also opens up the eye area to really make your eyes pop!

There are, as with all permanent make up, varying styles to choose from, including a subtle eyelash line enhancement giving the eye a fuller look at the baseline through to a gorgeous smokey or winged effect.

All styles and colours will be discussed and tailor made to suit each individual's eye shape and needs. High grade, hypoallergenic pigments are used in Micropigmentation and Microblading. Pigments are scientifically designed to fade over time, which means that the colour can be refreshed on average every 18 months. Micropigmentation and Microblading is a form of semi-permanent tattoo which is very different to a traditional ‘Tattoo’

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Permanent Make Up

Does permanent make up hurt?
Permanent eyeliner has very minimal discomfort. A topical anaesthetic is applied throughout the treatment to allow the permanent make up procedure to be a pleasant experience. As a client your eyes will be closed throughout the procedure allowing you to relax.

Is it right for me?
Any choice to have permanent make up must be carefully thought through and Lorna will be there for you to discuss any concerns and future upkeep of the process. Most people are able to have this procedure but there are a few exceptions and this will all be discussed once you decided to take the next step on booking your treatment.

How long does it take?
None of our treatments are rushed and you will receive full one on one experience with Lorna from the moment you start your appointment. Allow yourself plenty of time to relax, ask questions and this ensure you leave with the best results. The process can take anywhere between 1.5 and 3 hours depending on style and effect chosen.

How long is the healing process?
The skin around the eye area is very delicate and requires a careful hand once the treatment is finished. Surface healing can be up to 2 weeks but the tattoo can take 4-6 weeks to be fully healed. After which time you will need your top up appointment.

How long can i expect eyeliner to last?
Once we have achieved the desired look after your top up appointment you can expect your eyeliner to last up to 3 years although to keep the colour looking fresh you may wish to return for a colour boost after 18 months. Some clients may require a third top up appointment at an additional cost after the first treatment if the skin has been particularly resistant to the pigment, this can happen with certain skin types.

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Helen Smith

Can't recommend Lorna enough! She is friendly, professional and incredibly knowledgeable. Fantastic products and services x

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Krysta Jane Young

Can’t believe how natural they look! Amazing!!!!! Wouldn’t go to anyone else now after having them done by you, thank you so much! Xx


Melanie Parker