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Powder Brows

Powder Brow -
Powder Brows are the most popular style of Brow this season. Often called Ombre brows, Powder brows use a delicate machine method to create super fine pixels on the skin that give the effect of make up or a tinted brow look.

Ombre is used to describe how the bulb of the eyebrow will appear, this is softly faded across so the front of the brow does not appear 'boxy' or square in shape to really flatter and enhance your natural features.

Powder brows are suited to most skin types and create a long-lasting look that gives a more youthful appearance to sparce or uneven brows.

Lorna strongly believes there is not a one size fits all rule when it comes to eyebrows and takes time to individually map out and consult in detail with you about your desired final look.

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Powder Brows

How long do powder brows last?
Powder brows are created using a machine that gently works the pigment into the skin, using the best quality pigments the colour is expected to last 12 - 18 month on most skin types after the top up appointment has been completed.

Will my eyebrows be complete after one session?
The longest treatment time will be on your first appointment this usually takes around 2 hours the majority of that time is consultation and stencilling this will ensure you're getting the brows of your dreams.

Due to the way your skin heals and Lornas recommended approach to slowly build up the pigment for a beautiful even result that lasts, you will need a second 'top up' appointment to ensure your brows are fully complete.

Your eyebrows will not be classed as finished unless you return for your top up appointment.

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Helen Smith

Can't recommend Lorna enough! She is friendly, professional and incredibly knowledgeable. Fantastic products and services x

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Krysta Jane Young

Can’t believe how natural they look! Amazing!!!!! Wouldn’t go to anyone else now after having them done by you, thank you so much! Xx


Melanie Parker