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Russian Volume are really lightweight lashes (much lighter than classics) that are manipulated by hand or by the assistance of specially made tweezers to create a fan or bouquet of lashes that is then placed onto a single natural lash.

This is a premium service due to the time and workmanship required to create these and the retention is much longer than other sets due to the skillful ‘wrapping’ of the fan around the natural lash as oppose to just placing on top.

Russian volume lashes does not have to be overly dramatic. it is completely customisable. you can choose how big you want to go and how dense you would like your lashes to look by increasing or decreasing the number of lashes per fan.

People who use Russian volume lashes for more natural looks prefer the soft and wispy effect it creates.

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Russian Eye Lashes

On arrival at the salon Lorna will discuss the "look" you desire. We do not "count" lashes like some other salons. Every person is different. We simply apply as many lashes that are required in order to achieve the look you desire. Lorna will tailor something specific to achieve what you want based on your natural lashes. Lash type, lash thickness, curl shape and suggest the design shape that works best for your eye. Everything from naturally under-stated to extreme glamour is possible – all up to you.

  • Extremely advanced technique.
  • Qualified,trained and experienced technician.
  • A most versatile lash treatment.
  • Perfect for the older client with sparse natural lashes.
  • A more glamorous and thicker looking set than can be achieved with classic lashes.
  • Hand-made Russian Volume fans NOT flare/cluster lashes.
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Helen Smith

Can't recommend Lorna enough! She is friendly, professional and incredibly knowledgeable. Fantastic products and services x

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Krysta Jane Young

Can’t believe how natural they look! Amazing!!!!! Wouldn’t go to anyone else now after having them done by you, thank you so much! Xx


Melanie Parker


Russian Eye Lashes FAQ'S